Taking stock: A change in the weather

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“A change in the weather is known to be extreme,
But what’s the sense of changing horses in midstream?”

Bob Dylan, You’re a Big Girl Now, 1975

Across the RWC European and UK Equity team’s mandates, performance has been positive so far this year, with overweight exposures to the sectors that have tended to deliver the best returns, and an additional benefit coming through from successful stock selection. Meanwhile, our natural bias towards mid-cap stocks – those still large enough to offer decent liquidity, but small enough to avoid a broad following from the investment community, has also added value.

Nevertheless, although these trends had been beneficial to performance over 2020 as a whole, they have been unhelpful in recent days. In particular, last week saw a tangible rotation, with some of the stocks that have done well for the portfolios year-to-date, underperforming. This has been unhelpful in the short-term, albeit mitigated to an extent by a more positive performance from some of the portfolio’s 2020 laggards. The same trends have been evident across European equity markets more broadly in recent trading sessions.

We believe that a disciplined response is sensible in a situation like this. There is an obvious difference between a change in the weather (seasonal, short-term and highly predictable) and a change in the climate (complex, longer term and much harder to predict). Naturally, given the long-term nature of our investment approach, we are more concerned about shifts in the longer-term investment climate, than we are to the prevailing weather conditions as they change on a day-to-day basis.

A short period of more challenged performance is never comfortable to endure, but that does not necessarily mean that a change to the strategy is warranted. It is, however, an opportunity to revisit our fundamental thinking for each position and judge if the longer-term thesis still holds valid. If it does, there may be an opportunity to exploit the change in the weather by adding to the position at an even more favourable price.

Our sense currently is that this most recent rotation will be short-lived. It isn’t the first time this year that equity markets have seen a temporary reversal of enduring trends, and it may not be the last. From a fundamental perspective, however, we remain confident that our over-arching strategy remains relevant and appropriate for the current investment climate. In our view, this is a time to be watchful rather than overly active, but we will continue to tweak the portfolios to maintain their optimal shape.

This week’s highlights

As an example of the trends referred to above, the Spanish testing business Applus has been one of the portfolios’ weakest positions year-to-date. We have frequently revisited the fundamentals and have repeatedly concluded that our long-term investment thesis is not broken. Hence, in the face of obvious weakness in its industrial end markets during lockdown, we have maintained exposure to the business. Last week, Applus announced the acquisition of Besikta, a complementary Swedish business, in a deal that provided a welcome boost to its share price. Applus doesn’t need to raise equity to finance the acquisition, which has reassured investors about the company’s balance sheet and prospects. We believe that Applus can deliver modest but sustainable organic growth rates from here, which can continue to be augmented through further bolt-on acquisitions, as it consolidates a fragmented industry.

Global consumer staples business, Reckitt Benckiser, also performed well last week, following a decent Q3 trading update, which showed better-than-expected organic growth rates and contained an upgrade to its full-year guidance. Coming into 2020, with a new chief executive in place, we viewed Reckitt’s as a stock that had the ability to deliver consensus-beating growth rates. The pandemic has delivered an additional boost to revenue through the sale of considerably more disinfectant and cleaning products. From here, many analysts are questioning how long this additional Covid boost will last. Consensus revenue forecasts are flat for 2021 but, with the virus likely to remain with us for some time and the potential for a broader contribution from other parts of the business as the new CEO’s initiatives bear fruit, we are anticipating continued growth in the years ahead.

French healthcare business, Ipsen, delivered Q3 results last week, which were broadly in line with expectations. Results from its oncology division were slightly disappointing, with patient numbers lower than anticipated because hospitals have inevitably been focused on treating Covid patients. Ultimately, this is a temporary problem and our longer term confidence in Ipsen’s oncology business remains robust. More positively, expectations for a treatment for a very rare but potentially fatal bone disorder, have started to improve. Palovarotene was put on clinical hold in January, which led to a sharp fall in its share price and an opportunity for us to add this position to the portfolios as a recovery play. The most recent update on the asset suggests the probability of a commercial launch is now improving again, which is positive news for the share price and for patients.

Unless otherwise stated, all opinions within this document are those of the RWC European and UK Equity Team, as at 28th October 2020.

The names shown above are for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to be, and should not be interpreted as, recommendations or advice.

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Information contained in this document should not be viewed as indicative of future results. Past performance of any Transaction is not indicative of future results. The value of investments can go down as well as up. Certain assumptions and forward looking statements may have been made either for modelling purposes, to simplify the presentation and/or calculation of any projections or estimates contained herein and RWC does not represent that that any such assumptions or statements will reflect actual future events or that all assumptions have been considered or stated. Forward-looking statements are inherently uncertain, and changing factors such as those affecting the markets generally, or those affecting particular industries or issuers, may cause results to differ from those discussed. Accordingly, there can be no assurance that estimated returns or projections will be realised or that actual returns or performance results will not materially differ from those estimated herein. Some of the information contained in this document may be aggregated data of Transactions executed by RWC that has been compiled so as not to identify the underlying Transactions of any particular customer.

The information transmitted is intended only for the person or entity to which it has been given and may contain confidential and/or privileged material. In accepting receipt of the information transmitted you agree that you and/or your affiliates, partners, directors, officers and employees, as applicable, will keep all information strictly confidential. Any review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of, or taking of any action in reliance upon, this information is prohibited. The information contained herein is confidential and is intended for the exclusive use of the intended recipient(s) to which this document has been provided. Any distribution or reproduction of this document is not authorised and is prohibited without the express written consent of RWC or any of its affiliates.

Changes in rates of exchange may cause the value of such investments to fluctuate. An investor may not be able to get back the amount invested and the loss on realisation may be very high and could result in a substantial or complete loss of the investment. In addition, an investor who realises their investment in a RWC-managed fund after a short period may not realise the amount originally invested as a result of charges made on the issue and/or redemption of such investment. The value of such interests for the purposes of purchases may differ from their value for the purpose of redemptions. No representations or warranties of any kind are intended or should be inferred with respect to the economic return from, or the tax consequences of, an investment in a RWC-managed fund. Current tax levels and reliefs may change. Depending on individual circumstances, this may affect investment returns. Nothing in this document constitutes advice on the merits of buying or selling a particular investment. This document expresses no views as to the suitability or appropriateness of the fund or any other investments described herein to the individual circumstances of any recipient.

AIFMD and Distribution in the European Economic Area (“EEA”)

The Alternative Fund Managers Directive (Directive 2011/61/EU) (“AIFMD”) is a regulatory regime which came into full effect in the EEA on 22 July 2014. RWC Asset Management LLP is an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (an “AIFM”) to certain funds managed by it (each an “AIF”). The AIFM is required to make available to investors certain prescribed information prior to their investment in an AIF. The majority of the prescribed information is contained in the latest Offering Document of the AIF. The remainder of the prescribed information is contained in the relevant AIF’s annual report and accounts. All of the information is provided in accordance with the AIFMD.

In relation to each member state of the EEA (each a “Member State”), this document may only be distributed and shares in a RWC fund (“Shares”) may only be offered and placed to the extent that (a) the relevant RWC fund is permitted to be marketed to professional investors in accordance with the AIFMD (as implemented into the local law/regulation of the relevant Member State); or (b) this document may otherwise be lawfully distributed and the Shares may lawfully offered or placed in that Member State (including at the initiative of the investor).

Information Required for Distribution of Foreign Collective Investment Schemes to Qualified Investors in Switzerland

The representative and paying agent of the RWC-managed funds in Switzerland (the “Representative in Switzerland”) is Société Générale, Paris, Zurich Branch, Talacker 50,

P.O. Box 5070, CH-8021 Zurich. In respect of the units of the RWC-managed funds distributed in Switzerland, the place of performance and jurisdiction is at the registered office of the Representative in Switzerland.

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